Dead Among Us


Face off against zombies with only your bow and arrow



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Dead Among Us is a first person action game where players have to fight through the zombie apocalypse, armed only with their bow and arrow. Luckily, the character you'll be controlling is a gold medal Olympian in archery who's dedicated to doing everything he can to save the world from the living dead.

The gameplay in Dead Among Us is pretty similar to many other first person shooting games. Sliding your finger across the screen will move the bow, and pressing on the sight will allow you to zoom in on that part on the screen. To shoot the arrow, you just need to remove your finger.

The best part of this game is that it allows you to play with just one hand. Unlike most other games of this genre, you can enjoy Dead Among Us with just one hand and in vertical screen mode.

In terms of content, Dead Among Us is immense. You'll find 95 different missions in story mode that take place in more than 10 locations. Also, with the money you earn you'll be able to improve your bow and even buy special arrows.

Dead Among Us is a first person shooting game that's relatively original when compared to other games of this genre. It has good graphics and a perfect control system for smartphones. It's an outstanding title that fans of this genre will love.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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